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Virgin Media’s Dropbox-style Cloud locker gives subscribers 50GB for FREE

Virgin Media has revamped its cloud locker offering, Virgin Media Cloud giving everyone at home 5GB for free. 

Subscribers and their family members and flatmates will need to create a profile before they can access their 5GB. Each Virgin broadband account lets you create up to 10 Virgin Media Cloud profiles, meaning families and households could potentially get up to 50GB free – provided you’re a couple with eight kids of course. 

Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices and Windows and Mac desktop apps will let you sling your photos straight to the cloud in a similar manner to how the Dropbox apps work. 

Virgin Media’s Dropbox-style Cloud locker gives subscribers 50GB for FREE
Send in the Clouds: How Virgin Media’s cloud locker service looks on iOS

As well as giving you space to store your photos, Virgin Media Cloud will also let you stream music and video files from your cloud locker, allowing you to make your own personal versions of Spotify and Netflix. 

5GB is a little more than the free 2GB that you’d get with BT Cloud, but if you’ve got plenty of photos and files to store, you’ll soon use that up. 

For those who want a little more breathing space, Virgin Media is also offering customers the chance to buy more cloud space, up to 500GB per customer. 

50GB of Virgin Media Cloud storage will set you back £3.99/month. For 100GB you’ll pay £5.99/month, 250GB will see you paying £13.99/month. For those who really need some extra space – 500GB worth – you’ll need to pay £26.99/month. 

The service will automatically back up users’ content in the Cloud for complete peace of mind. So if a device gets broken, lost or stolen, they can quickly and easily download their content from the Cloud onto a new device. The service is intuitive and syncs across all registered devices, making it easy for users to store, back up and access files safely from any location. 
All our broadband customers and their families can use Virgin Media Cloud as it allows for up to ten individual accounts to be created. Each user can register as many of their own devices as they like, making it easy for them to access and manage content wherever they are. 

Virgin Media’s director of broadband Joe Lathan told Recombu that there’s scope for the service to expand and families will eventually be able to stream photos and video files to TV screens via the Virgin Media TiVo box

While the service is limited to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices at present, Lathan told us that support for Windows Phone 8 is being worked on now, which is great news because photos taken on the Nokia Lumia 1520 would look pretty amazing on an HD TV.  

Virgin Media Cloud is available to Virgin broadband customers now. You can sign in to your Virgin Media account here to get started and download the mobile apps from iTunes and Google Play

ISPs and tech companies can’t wait to give away free storage it seems. While Virgin Media’s offer of 5GB for free is welcome, bear in mind you can get even more free storage from the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote. Read our feature on personal data storage for more information. 


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