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Virgin Media broadband, TV, phone and line rental 2014 price rises – UPDATED

Virgin Media has updated prices on its site ahead of forthcoming price rises that will affect all customers in February. 

Costs for broadband and phone bundles plus line rental and TV packages are to increase for existing customers in the new year, but from today new customers will pay the February prices. 

The price rises were announced along with news that Virgin Media would be rolling out more speed boosts as well as launching a new 152Mbps service in 2014. 

Virgin Media’s 2014 broadband and TV price rises: Line rental and Essentials to increase
You get what you pay for: Virgin’s prices are going up, but you’ll see a speed boost of at least 20Mbps

Virgin Media 2014 prices: Line rental standard rate

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New customers taking Virgin Media line rental can now expect to pay £15.99/month at the standard rate. Those wanting to take advantage of the line rental saver deal, which lets you pay for 12 months’ worth in one lump sum, can pay £120 instead. 

Compared to paying the standard rate, this is equivalent to paying £10/month. 

Note that from February 1, 2014 onwards, this will increase to £128, equivalent to paying £10.66/month. 

This won’t affect customers who take Broadband Only from Virgin Media, a basic service that gives you just broadband and doesn’t come with any phone services or TV and doesn’t require you to pay line rental. 

Line rental saver is paid in advance and is generally not available with other line rental or home phone offers. After 12 months you’ll be automatically moved on to the standard rate unless you opt to pay up front again. 

Virgin Media 2014 prices: Broadband and line rental bundles

Broadband and home phone packages will also be going up by £1/month. 

This means deals like the 30Mbps broadband and weekend calls package, currently £14.50/month (not including special offer introductory rates), will cost £15.50/month from February onwards. 

With the new rate of line rental included, this total cost rises to £31.49/month. The option of line rental saver would see the equivalent monthly price fall to £26.16. 

The 60Mbps plus weekend calls deal will go up from £19.50/month to £20.50/month. Including the new standard rate of line rental, this works out at £36.49/month. Taking line rental saver sees you paying the equivalent of £31.16/month. 

Those who want the 100Mbps deal with free weekend calls thrown in can expect to pay £28.00/month after the price rise, up from £27.00/month. 

Including the new standard line rental rate the total monthly cost works out at £43.99/month. With the line rental saver option, the equivalent price works out at £38.66/month. 

Virgin Media 2014 prices: TV M+, L and XL

Virgin Media’s TV packages are also set to go up. Monthly costs for TV M+ will go up by £1.50, while TV L will increase by £1.25. TV XL is going up by £2.50.

After price increases TV M+ with a V HD box and home phone will cost £9.50/month while TV M+ with a 500GB TiVo box will cost £14.50/month. 

TV L with a V HD box will go up to £17.75/month, while TV L with a 500GB TiVo box will cost £22.75/month. 

TV XL will cost £27.00/month with a V HD box after prices go up and the same service with a 500GB TiVo box will cost £32.00/month. 

As the TV deals come with phone services bolted on, you’ll need to pay line rental. 

Virgin Media 2014 prices: Essentials, Premiere and VIP Collection

The Virgin Media collections bundle will be increasing slightly in February. 

The most popular bundle, Essentials Collection (30Mbps broadband, TV M+, weekend calls) will be increasing by £3 from £40.99/month to £43.99/month.  

The Premiere Collection (60Mbps broadband, TV L, weekend calls) will be going up from £62.99/month to £67.99/month. 

Customers with the top tier VIP Collection bundle (100Mbps broadband, TV XL, unlimited calls to landlines and mobile numbers) who currently pay £115.49/month will pay £120.44/month once prices go up. 

Virgin Media 2014 prices: My package isn’t mentioned here. What’s happening?

A number of Virgin Media customers with so-called legacy services, those no longer available to new customers, may experience price rises from February 2014 onwards. 

Virgin Media has said that every customer will receive a letter that details any price changes to their current package. 

A Virgin Media spokesperson, said: “We’re letting our customers know their cable bills are changing from February next year, increasing by 6.7 per cent on average. 

“We’re committed to giving our customers unbeatable value for their subscription and we’re about to start boosting broadband speeds yet again, making sure our superfast broadband keeps Virgin Media homes one step ahead.” 

While prices will be going up, broadband customers have some speed boosts to look forwards to. Speed boosts will increase the top download speeds of services by at least 20Mbps. 

Those on 30Mbps and 60Mbps can expect to enjoy download speeds of at least 50Mbps and 80Mbps once the upgrades roll around. 

Other recent Virgin Media launches include SmartCall, the WiFI calling app that lets you leverage your home phone minutes on the go, free BT Sport for TV XL customers and the continuing evolution of the Virgin TV Anywhere service. 


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