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Free Netflix with Vodafone 4G mobile & broadband deals are now live

Vodafone is giving away six months of free Netflix with 4G phone and mobile broadband plans. 

The promo – running until December – is available to all customers signing up for a Vodafone Red 4G plan in-store, online or by phone. 

Once signed up, you’ll be able to enjoy half a year’s worth of free Netflix for nothing, saving you around £40.

All aboard for free Netflix: Vodafone launches its free movies with 4G bundle
All aboard for free Netflix: Vodafone launches its free movies with 4G bundle

Cindy Rose, consumer director for Vodafone UK said: “When we launched our 4G service 10 months ago, we knew that 4G speed wasn’t the only thing our customers wanted. They wanted a reason to use 4G – which is why we provide them with the best possible content from the best possible partners.” 

While the idea is you’ll be able to stream episodes of House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Arrested Development on a 4G connection, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying the free Netflix on your laptop, smart TV or Virgin Media TiVo box

Free Netflix is available with all 4G Red mobile plans and the 10GB 4G mobile broadband plan. 

Vodafone has recently expanded the data caps of its 4G mobile plans. The Red, Red L and Red XL deals now come with 4GB, 7GB and 10GB respectively for new customers – previously these services were limited to 3GB, 5GB and 9GB. Vodafone’s 13GB Red XXL package remains unchanged. 

While an increase is welcome it’s still worth nothing that rivals EE offer up to 50GB on 4G plans and Three go one better than the rest by offering unlimited data. 

O2 is still the stingiest network when it comes to data. Its biggest 4G mobile and mobile broadband plans give you just 8GB to play with per month. 

Vodafone has bunged in Netflix alongside offers of free Spotify Premium and Sky Sports Mobile as a way to entice customers. While EE was the first UK network to launch 4G services, Vodafone is keen to make up for lost time. 

Vodafone’s 4G network now covers 247 cities and towns and hundreds of smaller communities. It recently announced launches in Southampton, Portsmouth, Reading and Belfast. The mobile operator plans to cover 98 per cent of the population using 3G and 4G within the next few years. 


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