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You can now watch UltraViolet digital movies through Blinkbox

UltraViolet movies can now be watched online through Tesco’s on-demand service, Blinkbox.

If you’ve ever bought a Blu-ray or DVD with the UltraViolet logo stamped on the case then you might already know you’re entitled to download a free digital copy of your purchase to watch online.

Now, thanks to a deal done with rights holders, you can watch UltraViolet copies of your films alongside Blinkbox purchases, instead of heading to the UltraViolet website.

You can now store all your DVDs on Blinkbox's UltraViolet service
You can now store all your DVDs on Blinkbox’s UltraViolet service

Customers can redeem an UltraViolet code or link their UltraViolet account to view their collection with Blinkbox online. Once redeemed, the movies can be watched on any Blinkbox-compatible platform – iOS, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 – as well as online through your web browser.

Tesco says you can also store UltraViolet films you’ve already bought on Blinkbox, providing you bought them after the partnership started.

Tesco category director for entertainment Ian Ditcham said: “This is about helping movie and TV fans on their journey from physical to digital entertainment while also offering flexibility in how movies and TV shows can be easily shared with family.”

The UltraViolet format is supported by 70 companies including Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, NBCUniversal and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Mark Teitell, general manager of UltraViolet added: “Tesco and Blinkbox have been a notable part of the group of companies that designed and launched UltraViolet. Now, their pioneering roll-out of UltraViolet in the UK is a major step forward in the enjoyment and value that consumers here will get from collecting movies and TV shows.”

Although there are doubts as to whether the Tesco-owned service will keep running after the supermarket messed up its financial figures, the DVDs you link to the UltraViolet service will stay safe. Tesco acquired BlinkBox in 2011.

Sky has suggested that UltraViolet downloads on Sky+HD boxes could happen, but there’s no sign of this happening anytime soon.


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