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Now you can watch MOTD and movies on your mobile with EE TV

What is EE TV’s ‘Recordings To Go’ feature, and when will my EE TV be updated? Here’s everything you need to know about EE’s Recordings To Go update, which allows mobile viewing of shows and movies as well as remote recording management.

What is the EE TV Recordings To Go update?

The latest EE TV update brings the very cool ‘Recordings To Go’ feature to your set top box. This allows you to record any kind of content from the 70+ free-to-view channels EE offers, and then immediately transfer them to your phone or tablet via your home WiFi network, to watch on the move.

You can also now manage your recordings remotely through the EE TV app, which will offer the same Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) interface as the set top box. You can set up new recordings and flag them as Recordings To Go, so they’ll transfer to your mobile device when you get home.

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Are there any limitations on what you can transfer to your phone or tablet with Recordings To Go?

Recordings To Go will only work with free-to-view channels offered by your EE TV box. However, there is no restriction on content that can be transferred and watched on your phone or table. That means the likes of Match Of The Day and movies will copy across and be available to watch on your mobile device.

There’s also no kind of time limit with Recordings To Go, so you can copy movies or shows to your phone or tablet and then just leave them on there, to watch whenever you feel like.

When will my EE TV box receive the Recordings To Go update?

The EE TV Recordings To Go update is rolling out from today (Wednesday March 30), so check your EE TV box to see if the new software is ready to download.

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