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What is Virgin Media Speed Doubling? 120Mbps boost for 40 per cent

Virgin Media has been busy upgrading the speeds of its top-tier 100Mbps service to 120Mbps as part of its ‘Double Your Speeds’ program.

Yes yes, we know that 120Mbps isn’t twice the speed of 100Mbps. Virgin Media’s speed doubling programme refers to the fact that its services include 30Mbps, 60Mbps and now 120Mbps services – the speeds double each time across Virgin Media’s portfolio.

What is Virgin Media Speed Doubling? 120Mbps boost for 40 per cent

Right now, 40 per cent of Virgin Media’s cable network has been upgraded. The plan is for all customers capable of getting Virgin Media fibre broadband able to order 120Mbps by mid-2013.

Best of all, there’s no planned price increase for the newer speeds, so those paying for 100Mbps right now are getting an extra 20Mbps added for nowt. 

No doubt this will push the UK’s average speeds up a bit by the time the next Ofcom report lands.

If you’re a Virgin Media customer and you want to find out if you’re part of the 40 per cent, you can head over to the Double Your Speed page and use the postcode checker.

October 9, 2012

What is Virgin Media Speed Doubling?

This year Virgin Media began a program of upgrading its entire fibre optic network, doubling and in some cases tripling the maximum download speeds of its broadband services.

The old Virgin Media broadband services have been sped up from 10Mbps, 20Mbps and 50Mbps to 30Mbps, 60Mbps and now 100Mbps.

Eventually, the current 100Mbs lines will be upgraded to even faster speeds of 120Mbps. At the time of writing 40 per cent of Virgin Media’s network – which covers 55 per cent of the UK – can access the fastest 120Mbps speeds.

Where has Virgin Media Speed Doubling taken place?

So far, over a million homes have benefitted from speed doubling. Newcastle, Ashford, Ipswich, Dundee, Belfast and Cambridge were amooung the first places in the UK to benefit from the upgrades.

How much does Virgin Media Speed Doubling cost?

Nothing! Virgin Media is rolling out theses speed boosts free of charge to customers.

When will my area get Virgin Media Speed Doubling?

The upgrades began in February 2012 and are set to continue throughout the year and into 2013. All speed doubling upgrades are expected to be finished by the end of August 2013.

To check when your area will be getting a speed boost from Virgin Media, head over to this Double Your Speed page and use the postcode checker.

If you’re in an area which can get Virgin Media fibre broadband you’ll be given a table detailing exactly what speeds are available to you.

What is Virgin Media Speed Doubling?

What do I have to do to activate Virgin Media Speed Doubling?

Whenever a speed boost upgrade has rolled out to your area it should happen automatically. So if you’re on 100Mbps Virgin Media broadband you should see your top download speed climbing to 120Mbps as soon as your area has been upgraded.

In some cases however, existing Virgin Media customers might find that you do not automatically get a speed boost.

If you’re living somewhere where speed boosting has taken place and you’ve not noticed your download speed doubling, you may need to contact Virgin Media customer services on either 150 from a Virgin line or on 08454 541 111 and talk to an advisor.


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