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What is Windows 10 S and how is it gunning for Google’s Chrome OS?

Microsoft has announced a new operating system called Windows 10 S, which is essentially a cleaner, cut-back version of the famous Windows 10 OS.

Microsoft announced the new OS at its New York education event, along with pricing for new affordable machines that will run it. Windows 10 S is primarily aimed at educational facilities likes schools and universities, although that’s no reason for the rest of us to avoid it.

The idea behind Windows 10 S is to offer a more secure and faster operating system compared with the major rivals out there. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Google’s Chrome OS has a similar objective. Which means that Win 10 S is essentially a direct rival to Google’s offering.

So what’s so special about Windows 10 S and is it for you?

Windows 10 S is built for speed

Microsoft has said that Windows 10 S is a streamlined version of the full Windows 10 OS, one that it describes as the “soul” of the original offering. The result is a start-up time that’s as fast as just 15 seconds, according to Microsoft.

Essentially the new OS is limited to Windows Store app use only. Much like the Chrome OS, this allows the machine running it to be built specifically for just those apps. Since those apps are already largely streamlined for mobile use, that should mean a fast user experience without taxing the machine which is running the software.

Windows 10 S is super secure

Another important drive for Microsoft is to offer top-level security. Since all of the apps running on Windows 10 S have already gone through strict verification to appear on the Windows Store, that means you can expect a virus-free experience no matter what you download.

Since this platform is aimed at education and schools, that level of security is super important. By keeping to Windows 10 S apps, Microsoft is able to guarantee a child-friendly and safe experience too.

Windows 10 S will offer free apps

Microsoft has said that it will offer a host of free apps to users for education purposes. That means things like Office 365 will be free to download and use right away, since it’s already available in the Windows Store.

Windows 10 S users will also be granted a year’s free subscription to Minecraft. That’s educational too, right?

Windows 10 S laptops will be affordable with release date soon

Microsoft has said that laptops and other hardware running the Windows 10 S operating system will be super affordable too. And if the news so far is on the money, this seems to be accurate.

Pricing will start at from as low as $189 (£145), meaning that schools and individuals will be able to use the new OS without it costing too much to commit to.

The new Windows 10 S operating system can also be installed on current Windows 10 machines, if you want to make your current setup even more streamlined and faster.

Microsoft has not yet announced the release date of Win 10 S, other than “this summer”. Vague, for sure, but we’re hoping to see it hit schools in the UK in the next couple of months.


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