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What is Xbox SmartGlass? Out now for iPhone and iPad, replaces My Xbox Live iOS app

Xbox SmartGlass out now for iPhone and iPad, replaces My Xbox Live iOS app

Xbox SmartGlass out now for iPhone and iPad, replaces My Xbox Live iOS appXbox SmartGlass is finally available to download for iOS devices, letting you turn your iPhone and iPad into a smart remote.

The app, which also replaces the older My Xbox Live iOS app, lets you type URLs and enter search requests on Internet Explorer and use the touchscreen of your phone or tablet as a smart trackpad.

As well as this, Xbox SmartGlass functions as a neat second screen for gaming, most notably on Forza Horizon, which displays a mini map of the racing action, turning your iPhone or iPad into a virtual GPS.

Xbox SmartGlass also lets you keep an eye on your Career stats on Halo 4 and see where you are in the dungeons of XBLA title Ascend: New Gods.

We’ve already had a bit of a play around with the Android version of Xbox SmartGlass on a Sony Xperia T here, which offers the same functionality.

Download Xbox SmartGlass for iPhone and iPad from iTunes here (requires iOS 5 or higher).

November 7, 2012

Xbox SmartGlass arrives on Android ahead of Windows Phone

Xbox SmartGlass has snuck out early on Android, ahead of launching on Microsoft’s own Windows Phone 8 platform.

While Xbox SmartGlass is indeed available on Windows RT devices, it was expected to arrive on Windows Phone 8 first. Even the iPhone and iPad apps are still waiting in the wings.

Those with Android phones or tablets running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher can download the app from Google Play now.

We’ve installed it on our Samsung Galaxy S2 and Sony Xperia T and will be posting some hands-on action soon. We cannot wait until we can type in YouTube and Bing search requests on our Xbox using something that’s not a 360 controller.

Xbox SmartGlass: Lands on Android ahead of Windows Phone and iPad

Yes folks, the main appeal of SmartGlass is that it turns your phone or tablet into a second screen controller for your Xbox 360; swipe left and right to navigate menu screens, pause, play and control media as well as edit your Xbox LIVE profile.

Basically it’s a cranked up version of what Microsoft was merely hinting at with the Xbox Companion app that launched on Windows Phone a year ago.

You can download Xbox SmartGlass from Google Play now.

Update: While we’ve had success getting in on a couple of phones, attempts to install Xbox SmartGlass on our Asus Transformer (updated to 4.0.3) were fruitless. What gives Microsoft?


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