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Netflix, 4oD and Amazon Instant Video no longer need Live Gold on Xbox One

Xbox One and 360 owners no longer have to buy a Live Gold membership to access services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and 4oD. 

Previously only Xbox Live Gold members could use media streaming apps on Microsoft’s consoles, with the exception of BBC iPlayer (which is required to be free to access) on the Xbox 360. 

The latest Dashboard update, announced in May, begins roling out today and removes the need for console owners to have to pay to access subscription services. 

Now the shutters have been lifted, UK gamers can access over 50 streaming services and apps on the Xbox 360 and 17 on the newer Xbox One. 

Netflix, 4oD and Amazon Instant Video no longer need Live Gold on Xbox One
As good as gold: Xbox’s latest update removes the need to pay twice for Netflix

Services now available include Sky Go, Revision3 and Blinkbox on the Xbox 360 and Netflix, 4oD and Amazon Instant Video on the Xbox One. A full list can be found here

Other changes due to arrive in this update include external storage support for Xbox One users and a big update to SmartGlass. 

With the June 2014 Dashboard update, Xbox One owners will be able to use devices with the SmartGlass app on them as universal remotes for multiple AV devices you have in your living room. 

As well as being able to switch TV channels and set recordings you should also be able to control other devices, such as Blu-ray players and external drives through one app. 

Microsoft’s director of programming for Xbox Larry Hyrb and Richard Irving from the Xbox engineering team take us through the main features of this update in the video below – the information regarding TV controls starts around the 4:20 mark. 


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