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YouView update brings improved search to BT boxes, TalkTalk TV next in line

YouView has just announced its latest software update which brings improved search functions as well as a raft of welcome bug fixes. YouView and BT-branded boxes will get this update over the next two weeks, while TalkTalk TV boxes will get it a soon after. 

New channel filters will let you quickly jump to specific sections in the programme guide, things like sports, HD, movies and kids TV. With a simple tap of the blue button on your YourView remote, you’ll be able to open up the Guide and pick from the channel packages there. 

YouView update brings improved search to BT boxes, TalkTalk TV next in line
The latest YouView update lets you jump to specific sections on the programme guide

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Currently, there’s no way for customers to hide or apply locks to whole sections of channels. Parents currently have the option of hiding anything from the YouView guide that they’d rather not have young eyes seeing, but you have to do this on a channel-by-channel basis. We’ve asked if the ability to mass-hide channels will be included in a future update and we’re waiting to hear back.

Other additions arriving on the back of the latest YouView update include a refinement to the search suggestions. When you’re looking for programmes on-demand, your YouView box will suggest programmes as you type and should now return searches based on exact search terms too.

Previously, a search suggestion of ‘Deal or No Deal’ will return ‘Deal or No Deal’ as well as ‘Dealing with Dementia’ and ‘Cupcake Crafting 4 Day Deal’. Sometimes this would result in what you’d originally searched for getting pushed to the second page of search results. This latest update now prioritises exact search term matches. Fans of Noel Edmunds can breathe more easily. 

As well as this, there’s fixes for things such as subtitle syncing, minor audio and display issues and a syncing issue with the YouView mobile app in the latest update.

The update will be rolled out on an automatic basis over the next two weeks. If your YouView box has been updated to the latest version, you should see the following upon heading to Settings > System Information > Software Versions:

Manufacturer Software: 12.7.0

Component Software: 1.4.10

Platform configuration: 450


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