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Zen Internet launches unlimited fibre broadband packages

Zen Internet has launched a pair of unlimited fibre broadband packages, cryptically called Unlimited 1 and Unlimited 2. 

Costing £27/month and £30/month, the two services provide download speeds of up to 38Mbps and 76Mbps respectively and maximum uploads of 9.5Mbps and 19Mbps. Line rental from Zen Internet works out at £13.49/month, so the total cost for these packages is £40.49/month and £43.49/month each.

As well as offering unlimited downloads, Zen Internet proudly states that its services are free from any any kind of traffic management, making them ‘truly unlimited’ in modern marketing parlance. 

Zen Internet launches unlimited fibre broadband packages
Zen masters: Unlimited fibre-based broadband with no traffic management

Fibre Unlimited 2 is a better deal than Zen Internet’s Fibre Pro product which costs £38/month (not including line rental), gives you the same top download speed of 76Mbps but comes with a 200GB monthly cap. 

Zen Internet’s fibre packages use FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) connections on the Openreach network. While the top speeds available on these packages are head and shoulders above that which you’d get on an ADSL connection, the actual speed you’ll get is determined by your distance to the street cabinet. 

Zen has also been involved with the trials of FTTP on Demand, a service which lets you pay to upgrade the last mile of an FTTC connection, which is made up of copper, with a fibre optic line, turning it into a FTTP (Fibre to the Premises).

This service is not currently available on a commercial basis and is primarily for business customers. That’s perhaps just as well, as the prices BT is charging are way beyond the means of most UK homes. 

Though BT’s £2.5 billion commercial investment has made fibre-based broadband available to over 16 million homes and businesses in the UK, Zen Internet is currently only offering these new services to 6 million locations. 


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