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ZTE Powerline ZXHN H51 series pipes WiFi around your home wiring

ZTE, perhaps best known in the UK for inexpensive Android phones like the Grand X, has announced the ZXHN H51 range of Powerline products, which should make setting up your home network a little easier.

Like all Powerline gadgets, the ZTE ZXHN H51 devices use your home’s wiring to act as a home network, sending data down the same cables that deliver your mains electricity.

ZTE Powerline ZXHN H51 series pipes WiFi around your home wiring

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If you want to create a connection between rooms, you simply plug in a Powerline unit in each room and you’re done. Each unit features an Ethernet socket, allowing you to connect it to YouView and Sky+HD boxes and the like.

The ZTE H513B model also features a WiFi antenna, which is great news if there’s a room or parts of your house that suffer from poor WIFi reception.

ZTE says that thanks to the idle mode of its ZXHN H51 Powerline products, energy consumption will be kept at a low. ZTE vice president for fixed-network products Huang Fuzong said “We will continue to offer a wide range of customised, environmentally-friendly and flexible home networking products to help our partners in the telecommunication industry increase the reach of their networks.”

While these products will be on UK shelves at some point this year, we’ve not got a release date for these yet nor any prices.


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