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Finally, a 4K Nintendo Switch! But there’s a big catch…

A creative engineer has created a massive playable Nintendo Switch console with a 4K screen, and he’s given it away to charity.

For years, gamers have been dreaming of a 4K screen on the Nintendo Switch. Well, that wish has finally some true – in a manner of speaking – but you’re probably going to need to find a bigger carry case for your console.

Michael Pick, a DIY YouTuber who has previously built the “world’s smallest MacBook Pro” has now created the world’s largest full-functional Nintendo Switch, complete with working buttons and a 70-inch by 30-inch screen.

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You can play your favourite games such as Fortnite or Mario Kart on the device, either with the giant buttons (though this looks like it would be a two-man job), or else with a separate controller, just as you would when the console is docked and linked to a TV.

In the video, Pick explains in detail how it all works. Each giant controller has a genuine Joy-Con controller inside, with each button corresponding to a 3D-printed pressure pad on the larger shell structure, which also houses the Switch console itself. While this set-up is unlikely to be as responsive as the official console, the sheer novelty of such a giant games system should more than make up for the inconvenience. 

The end result is a behemoth that’s 650% bigger than a normal Nintendo Switch, and weighs a whopping 29.48kg. Good luck taking that with you on the bus!

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Touchingly, Pick donated the larger-than-life video games system to a children’s hospital, where it will cheer up kids who are undergoing medical treatment. The organisation is currently running a virtual toy drive, to which you can also donate via this link.


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