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Amazon officially announces the new Kindle Paperwhite after leaking it

After an in-house blunder that saw a range of new Kindle Paperwhite devices appear in a comparison chart on Amazon Canada, the retailer giant has finally come clean about the updated e-readers.

Marking the first update to the Kindle Paperwhite since 2018, this fifth-generation model touts a larger 6.8-inch screen that is supposedly 10% brighter than its predecessor. There’s even the option to switch over to ‘warm lighting’, a feature which has previously been available on the more expensive Kindle Oasis.

In what may be the most requested feature yet, Amazon has finally decided to ditch micro-USB for the fifth-gen Paperwhite, making the much-needed switch to the new universally accepted connection, USB-C.

The new Paperwhite will sit at a starting price of $140, with no word yet on how that will equate to UK pricing.

As mentioned however, it isn’t just one Kindle Paperwhite that’s about to grace store shelves, but three. On the pricier end of the scale you’ll have the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, which expands the internal storage from 8GB to 32GB, and throws wireless charging into the mix.

Those added features will cost you however, with the Signature Edition starting out with a more hefty going rate of $190.

And finally, there’s the Kindle Paperwhite Kids which, as you can infer from the name, packs many of the same features from the standard Kindle Kids Edition. These features include a protective case, parental controls and a year’s free access to Amazon Kids+.

All three versions of the new Kindle Paperwhite will be available from October 27th, but with all the upgrades they bring, it does ponder the question of what will happen to Amazon’s premium e-reader, the Kindle Oasis?


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