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Best 4K TV: Our favourite picks for gamers, film fans and more

If you’re still wondering if it’s time to upgrade to a 4K TV, it definitely is. Streaming services offer lots of 4K content and the latest games consoles can now handle above-1080p resolutions comfortably.

Below you’ll find some of our most recommended TVs of the moment, the only thing you’ll have to do is choose the scenario that suits your viewing habit best, whether that’s living room gaming, watching movies in their best possible form or something completely different.

Best for gaming: LG OLED55C14LB

Best for bright rooms: Samsung Neo QLED QE55QN95A

Best image quality: Samsung QE65QN95AATXXU

Best for sound: Sony BRAVIA KE55A8

Best budget pick: JVC Fire TV


Best for gaming
Buy now: LG C1 OLED

LG’s C1 range is a Recombu favourite for a reason, and if you’re the type of gamer who needs to have a high-speed connection for 120fps 4K gameplay then this is the set you need to buy. Packing several HDMI 2.1 ports, the LG C1 is a must-have for anyone lucky enough to bag a next-gen console.


Effectively infinite OLED contrast

Deep colour reproduction

It’s great deal considering the quality on offer here


Some alternatives have higher HDR brightness

Samsung QE55QN95AATXXU

Best for bright rooms
Buy now: Samsung QE55QN95A

Very few other sets can compete with this one when having to deal with plenty of ambient light, perhaps from a nearby window. Simply put, if you enjoy a spot of daytime TV but currently have to put up with interferring light streams then the QN95 can make that issue a thing of the past.


Fantastic brightness, perfect for bright rooms and HDR video

Slick design

Next-generation contrast and image punch for an LCD TV


Black depth still can’t quite match an OLED, although it gets close

Samsung QE65QN95AATXXU

Best image quality
Buy now: Samsung QE65QN95A

The asking price of the Samsung QE65QN95AATXXU is definitely a lot steeper than any other product on this list, but if you can part with the cost then you’ll get an unparalleled home movie cinema in return. Utilising Samsung’s state of the art Neo QLED display, the QE65QN95AATXXU can create stunning images right before your very eyes. Let’s just say that once you feast your eyes on it, movie night will never be the same again.


Incredible colour and vibrancy

Industry leading contrast

HDR10+ compatible


Very high asking price


Best for sound
Buy now: Sony BRAVIA KE55A8/P

While TVs have gotten slimmer over the years, that has largely come at the expense of audio quality due to shrinking speakers. If you yearn for the days when sound quality (without the need for an additional soundbar) was as crucial to a TV as its image quality, then look no further than the Sony BRAVIA KE55A8/P. This set uses the space behind the screen to create a room-filling audio effect like nothing you’ve ever heard before.


Accoustic Surface Audio creates a compelling soundscape

Compatible with Dolby Atmos

Alexa and Google Assistant built-in


Contrast levels don’t reach the same heighs as OLED


Best budget pick
Buy now: JVC Fire TV 43″

The JVC Fire TV is an absolute bargain on several fronts. First, it has a price tag that doesn’t make you want to turn away, making it one of the more affordable 4K smart TVs on the market. Second, it comes with Amazon’s Fire TV user interface built-in, giving you access to all of your favourite content and streaming services in one place. You can even use the Alexa voice remote to simply ask for what you’d like to watch next.


Brilliantly affordable

Fire TV user interface built-in

Voice remote for quick search


The image quality isn’t quite as good as pricier TVs

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