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Cyberpunk 2077 meets with disaster again, as the 1.1 update introduces a game-breaking bug

After a rough launch, Cyberpunk 2077 has hit another bump in the road even in attempting to fix its mistakes, but fortunately there’s a solution.

It’s fair to say that Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t get the launch that its developers, CD Projekt Red, would have dreamed of. In fact, it’s been more of a nightmare. After all they’ve already had to endure, we can only imagine how long-suffering gamers must have felt when they downloaded the 1.1 update, only to find that it has reportedly introduced yet another bug that could stop gameplay in its tracks. 

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The new bug occurs during the story mode, when you receive a hologram call from Takemura. Much like some of the more awkward Zoom calls you might have endured at work, the video link opens up… and he just stares at you, saying nothing, like a staring contest world champion.

CD Projekt Red has fortunately already issued a workaround to this problem, which goes as follows:

  1. Load a gamesave before Takemura and V leave Wakako’s office.
  2. Finish the conversation with Takemura outside the office right away
  3. Right after the finished conversation and when the quest is updated, skip 23h of in-game time.
  4. See if the holocall triggers and the dialogue with Takemura starts

We’re crossing our fingers that these simple steps will fix the problem if you’ve been unlucky enough to experience it, so that you can get right back in the action and enjoy the immersive game the way it should be played.

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First announced all the way back in May 2012, Cyberpunk’s release was shifted from April to December 2020, while hype continued to build among its fanbase. But once launched, players found themselves confronted with game-breaking glitches all over the place, especially on PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Cars went flying through the air, doors opened to nowhere, and bodies were so poorly rendered they looked like apparitions from a fever dream.

Inevitably, these catastrophic issues gravely impacted upon the game’s success; CD Projekt Red offered refunds to disappointed customers, and the number of active players has dropped off significantly from its launch week.


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