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Dead Space will be remade, as terrifying as ever, for the new console generation

The scariest sci-fi game ever will be remade for a new generation, but are you brave enough to return over a decade after its original release?

In space no-one can hear you scream, but when you’re playing your console late at night with your headphones on and the lights off they definitely can. Trust me on that one. Fewer games are as responsible for those terrifying moments where you can’t help but cry with horror, than sci-fi survival game Dead Space.

First released back in 2008, the classic sci-fi survival game will soon be back and better than ever for the latest generation of consoles, including PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

The one-minute official teaser trailer (embedded in the tweet above) sets the atmosphere perfectly, as the lights flicker menacingly in a grimy old space station, giving you just a brief glimpse of disturbing David Cronenberg-style body horror unfolding in the background. Then we see our protagonist straightening his back ready for the fight, while smeared in blood on a wall a sinister message reads: “Cut off their limbs”.

If you missed the boat the first time round and haven’t yet experienced the ‘delights’ of Dead Space, that sets the tone very well for what’s about to follow. Set it the distant future, the player takes on the role of Isaac Clarke as he seeks to find his girlfriend onboard a spaceship that seems to have been ravaged by mysterious forces that cause severe, disturbing hallucinations and can turn humans into terrifying, near-unstoppable Necromorphs.

So far we still don’t know when the remake will be released, so much like in the game, we’ll just have to stay hyper aware of our surroundings and desperately search for clues until we find out the truth…





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