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Finally, Microsoft is clamping down on Xbox scalpers

When the Xbox Series X launched, they were plagued by scalpers looking to make a quick buck. Does Microsoft’s proposed solution actually fix the problem?

There’s only one thing worse than splurging all your hard-earned cash on a new games console, and that’s not being able to buy one. That was the problem facing millions of eager fans upon the release of the Xbox Series X and to an even greater extent for the PS5, as opportunistic scalpers managed to buy thousands of units and then flogged them at increased prices to the real fans.

Fortunately, Microsoft has put some thought towards making sure this doesn’t happen again, and to that end it has announced the Console Purchase Pilot.

Under the terms of this agreement, Xbox Insider members in the US can register via their Xbox One to reserve themselves one Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console; of all who apply, only a limited number will be accepted. Evidently, what first seemed like a great idea has been bogged down under a lot of conditions that weaken its promising potential.

It’s unlikely that this arrangement will make an enormous difference to those customers still searching for a console; were it to apply to all Xbox Insiders worldwide, and had it predated the launch of the new series, then a lot of frustration could have been spared. Nonetheless, it’s at least somewhat encouraging to see manufacturers taking steps towards accommodating their customers, being that they have no problem shifting units and making sales.

We hope to see Microsoft take this ameliorative scheme even further in the future, and for Sony to take notes too, so that real gamers can get their hands on new consoles on day one without having to go through a money-grubbing middleman.


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