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Godzilla vs Kong: Big beasts do battle in this epic trailer, but who will win?

Which terrifying creature will come out on top in this momentous clash of the titans? There’s only one way to find out… Fight!

A giant silverback gorilla in the blue corner, a radioactively-enhanced dinosaur in the red. Much in the manner of an unruly child left to his own devices in a sandpit, the movie executives have got their biggest two toys in either hand and are eagerly smashing them together until one of them breaks. It will all end in tears… but whose?

Before watching the trailer, I’d have backed Godzilla any time, any day, anywhere. For one thing, traditional depictions would dwarf Kong by such an order of magnitude that the monster might simply win by accidentally stepping on our simian friend without realising. The Empire State Building might have been a daunting climbing wall for the 7.5-metre Kong, but it would have resembled a mere scratching post for the 120-metre ‘Zilla. However, this movie has equalised the height between the two, making it a somewhat fairer fight.

The other point is that Godzilla literally has nuclear powers. His atomic breath is a scorching, ionising beam that lays waste to anything in its path, furry or otherwise; yet the trailer shows that Kong has fashioned some kind of axe that seems able to absorb its devastating impact. If Kong can use tools to his advantage, that might give him the upper hand over Godzilla. But hey, it’s got to sting to lose a battle of wits to an oversized gorilla who fell in love with a showgirl.

However, the most convincing evidence to swing the contest in one direction or the other is the presence of a cute little girl who Kong has, in some way, made a “promise to protect”. This heart-string pulling (not to  mention eye-rolling) plot device surely means that he will triumph over his foe, even if that does mean succumbing to his own wounds in the process. Take it from me; my money’s on the monkey.

Having said all that, following the infamous twist of cinema’s last big-name prize fight, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, perhaps the two villains will cease to fight each other once they realise their mothers both had the same name — not Martha, but maybe Mothra?

Scoffing at the very thought of a split-points decision in this epic showdown, let us know who you think really will take the crown; the King of the Monsters, or the Eighth Wonder of the World…



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