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Halo Infinite: The release date is finally confirmed, along with a trailer and cool custom kit

Halo Infinite is soon on its way to the new generation of Xbox consoles, and there’s some awesome special edition hardware to go with it.

At Gamescom, it was officially announced that Halo Infinite would be released on December 9.

The much-anticipated new entry to the long-running franchise was announced with the following cinematic trailer that’s sure to send a shiver down fans’ spines…

The stealthy scene shows a young person sneaking around the Covenant’s base, but just as it looks like the worst is about the happen, the Spartans appear to save the day. The original soundtrack swells in the background, while the incredibly accurate graphics take centre stage on the screen.

And if you think the game itself looks great, just wait until you check out the official accessories!

Image Credit: Microsoft

The official controller adopts the classic segmented Spartan armour for its unmistakable appearance, and it’s bound to be popular with Xbox adherents, just like the one recently unveiled for Forza Horizon 5.

If one controller isn’t enough, then brace yourself for even more good news: there’s a Halo Infinite-themed Xbox Series X console on the way too.

Image Credit: Microsoft

This gorgeous special edition machine is “imprinted with stars as seen from the surface of Zeta Halo – extending onto the fan behind a blue vent inspired by Cortana.” Just take my money!


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