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If you thought Joy-Con drift was bad, watch out for PS5 DualSense drift

The frustrating joystick flaw hat plagued the Nintendo Switch for years has now been found on the PS5 controller, and it’s enough to make you rage-quit consoles for good.

According to reports, joystick drift affects the new PS5 DualSense controller. If you have a Nintendo Switch then you are probably be painfully aware of this issue and your eye may already be beginning to twitch uncontrollably, but if not then allow me to explain with a situation that I wish was only hypothetical:

After investing hours of time on this fiendishly difficult game, you reach the very last chapter. The final boss rears his ugly head, your courageous hero unsheathes his weapon and… violently lurches to the left, like a candidate desperate for votes at a student union election.

Welcome to the hell of “drift”, where the joysticks become unmoored from their resting positions and instead send your on-screen avatars flying in one direction. It’s immensely frustrating, and its malign appearance was one of the most disappointing things about the otherwise superb Switch. Trust me, if Dante’s Inferno was written today then a whole circle of hell would be devoted to the very worst sinners having to play Cuphead with Joy-Con drift.

The news that it’s also come to haunt the PS5 is even more concerning. Previously we had nothing but praise for the reimagined DualSense controller, which integrates haptic feedback in a way never seen before, heightening your immersion with sensitive vibrations against your palms, while also sensitively registering different levels of input pressure for precise play.

According to Kokatu, the problem is covered under warranty, so if it occurs on your controller then you can send it off to a Sony repair centre (though you will have to pay the postage costs). But it’s frustrating that such an issue even occurs in the first place, and we certainly hope that it won’t prove to be as endemic as it has been with the Switch. 




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