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iPhone 11 Review

iPhone 11 is the default Apple smartphone for most people – offering flagship features and more tempting price than the iPhone 11 Pro. A great camera, strong battery life and vibrant colour options combine for an all-around star.

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What we love – Eye-catching range of colours, battery life boost and takes great snaps

iPhone 11 went with pastel colours for 2020 and we think it’s a welcome change from some of the dreary greys and blacks that have become the norm among many flagships. Harkening back to iPhone 5c, iPhone 11 comes in White, Black, Green, Yellow, Purple and Red – with the latter four offering something to truly stand out from the crowd.

For years, smartphones have gotten thinner in the pursuit of style and the iPhone was no exception. With iPhone 11, Apple finally heeded the call. iPhone 11 got ever-so-slightly thicker than its predecessor, allowing for a larger battery. The longer battery life matches up to Apple’s claims of lasting all-day, a strong improvement from last year.

While it may not offer the triple sensor and depth sensing chops of the Pro models, the dual setup of iPhone 11 is a strong contender in its own right. With a 12-megapixel main sensor and 12-megapixel wide-angle with OIS, you’ll get snaps that an adaptable camera experience that offers an impressive level of detail and plenty of contrast. Aside from regular shots, Night mode and 4K60 video recording are some key camera highlights here too.

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iPhone 11 review

What we don’t like – Misses out on an OLED display and lacks fast-charging out of the box

There’s not a year that goes by that Apple isn’t criticised for selling a flagship that lacks some key features that come on devices at a much lower price – and it seems like this could be happening again with iPhone 12 and a 120Hz display. With regards to iPhone 11, this criticism could also be levelled at its display.

iPhone 11 is unfortunately saddled with an LCD panel, while the Pro models get a stunning OLED offering. Along with being LCD, a technology far less vibrant than OLED, it offers a resolution below 1080p. With QHD panels being the norm on the flagships of many competitors, it does feel like non-Pro Apple fans are really missing out here.

Non-Pro users also miss out on the new fast-charging capabilities of the iPhone – at least initially. The full iPhone 11 range is capable of 18W fast charging but you’ll only get a 5W charger in the iPhone 11 box. If you’ve got any spare pennies lying around after you buy your new iPhone, getting the 18W charger is a worthwhile upgrade – even if it would’ve been a whole lot better if Apple had done the hard work for you.


iPhone 11 levels up the popular iPhone XR from the previous year, adding better battery, an extra camera and better internal specs. The new features make for an iPhone that addresses many consumer qualms and doesn’t have many faults.

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