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iPhone 13 Pro leak shows off a classy new design

Renders of the upcoming premium iPhone address some of the concerns that fans have had about the design of previous Apple flagships.

Apple is renowned for its beautifully-designed products, which invariably influence the rest of the tech sector into following new trends or ditching old ones.

However, fans of the brand have nonetheless felt that the current look is a bit outdated, having remained very similar ever since the introduction of the iPhone X back in 2017. Most complaints have been aimed at the size of the screen notch and the chunky camera bump; so there’s potentially some good news on the way for iPhone fanatics if the latest leak holds any water.

The visually striking video render in the tweet above shows that both of those particular prayers have been answered, with a camera module that’s not flush to phone but at least significantly slimmer, while the notch is significantly less wide, giving more room for notifications at the top of the screen. LeaksApplePro have been quick to note that there’s a possibility that this “finalised version” of the iPhone 13 Pro could change before its expected launch in September, adding however that it’s unlikely.

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Obviously this design would be more of an evolutionary step than a full-on revolution, but that’s no bad thing judging from the quality of the iPhone 12 Pro. We couldn’t get enough of this phone’s gorgeous screen, excellent cameras, and strong battery life.

When it comes to making changes, aside from these design upgrades, we’d really like to see an enhanced refresh rate that is boosted to 90Hz or 120Hz to match the super smooth scrolling on offer from rivals such as the OnePlus 9 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S21. And more to the point, how about Apple actually include a charger – more particularly, a fast charger – in the box with its next phone?



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