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Krispy Kreme reveals limited edition Xbox doughnuts, and an even sweeter prize draw

The doughnut specialists at Krispy Kreme have developed a new pastry in conjunction with Xbox, and there will be prizes in store for some lucky customers.

Krispy Kreme has just revealed a new limited edition doughnut bearing the Xbox logo, and that’s not all — if you buy a pack of one dozen, you’ll be entitled to a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and you’ll also be in with a chance of winning a brand new Xbox Series S.

Named the “Nexus Level Doughnut”, the pastry was unveiled in the enthusiastic promotional video above. While the talking heads jokingly compare the treat to a games console in increasingly stilted metaphors, I have to disagree with the statement that it offers “instant sharing capabilities”; if left with me, that dozen box would soon be emptier than the shop shelves that are currently all out of stock of the Xbox Series X.

The doughnut in question will be of the Berliner variety, topped with green icing and dusted in sugar; it’s a good job we’ve moved on from the days of the Xbox 360, or else the tie-in doughnut would have had to have been a red ring. Arguably though, that would still be preferable to looking like Shrek’s hot cross buns.

On buying a dozen of the limited edition doughnuts, which will only be in stock in the UK and Ireland between August 2 and August 22 this year, you can redeem the provided code to get one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and you can also be entered in the draw to win one of 120 Xbox Series S consoles.

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Bizarrely, this isn’t even the first time that the worlds of food and gaming have collided in recent months; and it’s not even the first example featuring Xbox. Microsoft has unveiled a Mini Fridge shaped like its Series X console, as it had previously been mocked online for bearing such a strong resemblance to the household appliance. Not to be outdone, a new console is apparently in the works from KFC that will keep your fried chicken hot while you’re busy gaming. 

Why, these companies must be under the impression that gamers are gluttonous slobs who want nothing more than to sit on their backsides and stuff their faces! And, at least for me, they’d be exactly right.


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