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New iPads, the Watch 6, but no iPhone 12: Everything Apple unveiled during its livestream event

While it wasn’t an iPhone event in the end, Apple did go all in with the Apple Watch and iPad range during its latest livestream to customers.

Fans will have to wait a little bit longer to hear about the long-awaited iPhone 12, or any of the upcoming MacBooks or iMacs sporting ARM technology. Nope, Apple’s latest fair was all about new Apple Watch and iPad variants.

To save you jumping through endless news cycles to figure out what went on, here’s our quick-fire round of all the products unveiled during Apple’s September 15 event.

1. Apple Watch Series 6

Kicking things off, Apple unveiled the next iteration of its successful wearable series, the Apple Watch 6. Sporting a new SpO2 tracker, the Apple Watch Series 6 will allow users to keep tabs on their blood oxygen levels, which can often be a key indicator for someone’s overall state of health.

Outside of this there were no major design overhauls this time around, although there are several new colours, including a navy blue entry which colour hint at a similarly styled iPhone 12.

2. Apple Watch SE

As the importance of health and fitness trackers grows, the premium pricing of the Apple Watch was starting to stick out like a sore thumb, especially against more affordable devices from the likes of Garmin and Fitbit. Well, Apple’s finally solved this problem with the cheaper Apple Watch SE.

Packing the same chipset as the Apple Watch Series 5 but in a more affordable body, the Apple Watch SE will be a great entry-point for iPhone users who want to play closer attention to their health and fitness.

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3. Apple iPad 8

Thanks to its affordable price point, the iPad 7 has already become one of Apple’s best selling tablets to date, and now we’re getting a similarly priced upgrade with some swish new features.

Featuring the faster A12 Bionic chip, the new iPad 8 will be able to outperform its predecessor with up to 40% faster CPU performance. Users will also notice twice the graphical fidelity here, leading to an even better gaming experience.

4. Apple iPad Air 4

Stand aside iPad Pro 2020, there’s a new top-dog in town, and its name is the iPad Air 4. Towards the end of the company’s presentation, Apple announced the incredibly powerful iPad Air successor, which boasts the previously unseen A14 Bionic chipset.

The new iPad Air will also feature a brand new design for its range, taking some serious inspiration from the iPad Pro 2020. Gone is the Touch ID button and the chunky bezels with it. This time around you’ll see a near end-to-end display and a fingerprint reader built into the iPad Air 4’s power button.

5. Apple Fitness Plus

Apple’s going all in on the subscription service model, and Apple Fitness Plus is the latest example of the company’s new approach. Giving the likes of Fitbit Premium and Les Mills a run for their money, Apple Fitness Plus boasts on-screen workouts from a range of professionals, with new workouts added each and every week.

There’s also a huge degree of Apple Music Plus integration here, with users being able to save the curated playlists heard during their workouts, to be listened on their own time whenever they please.

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6. Apple One

The long-rumoured Apple One has finally come to fruition. Bundling in several of Apple’s paid for services for a cheaper cost, Apple One feels like the better way to engage with Apple’s ever-growing list of services.

Being split into three different tiers (individual, family and premium) with different levels of access. Apple One also comes with extra iCloud storage.


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