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Nintendo Switch Pro is expected to arrive this autumn

The revamped, top-spec variant of Nintendo’s current console is now expected to hit the shelves in just a few months’ time according to a new report.

We could see an all-new version of the Nintendo Switch as soon as September or October, according to Bloomberg.  Expected to be announced even before E3 (the annual video games trade show that takes place in late June) this device will boast higher specs and a higher price tag to match, for those fans who want the ultimate Switch experience.

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The Nintendo Switch has won a great deal of popularity thanks to its uniquely versatile design, which allows it to be played as a portable console or as a classic home hub, while it continued in Nintendo’s fine tradition of offering very appealing exclusive games such as Zelda, Mario, and Pokémon. But since its 2017 release, some fans argue that the Switch in need of an update – especially with regard to the display, which is set at just 720p.

The only new model to join the range since then was 2019’s Nintendo Switch Lite, a purely portable device with a smaller screen and longer battery life; but naturally that didn’t scratch the itch of the gamers who wanted more, not less, from the console.

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The hardcore fans will be pleased to know that the rumours point towards major updates being in store for the Nintendo Switch Pro, especially concerning the visuals. The portable display is thought to be significantly larger, at 7 inches across rather than 6.2, and when docked to a compatible TV it is apparently capable of rendering 4K graphics, a feat that pushes it closer to other current-generation consoles like the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

However, you’ll naturally have to cough up some extra cash for this premium model; Bloomberg reports that the expected retail price will be significantly higher than the $299/£279 that the standard model currently costs. 

Are the rumoured upgrades worth the extra expense for that ultimate Nintendo experience? It’s early to make that call, but let us know your thoughts in the poll below.



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