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Pokémon cards could soon pop up in McDonald’s Happy Meals

According to a leak, the popular card game could soon be collectible through McDonald’s children’s meals.

That’s right – creatures that vaguely look like animals but with lopsided features, extra eyes, or too few limbs could soon appear in your Happy Meal. You might think that’s just business as usual from McDonald’s, but in fact there is news that Pokémon cards may soon appear as the free gift in the children’s portions of the fast food restaurant’s menu.

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Pokémon fan community PokéJungle has released an image of promotional materials via Twitter that seem to indicate an upcoming tie-in between one of the world’s biggest entertainment franchises and its largest fast food corporation (at least in the USA). It’s yet to be confirmed by either party, but if the collaboration does take place then it’s great news for those of you who want to fill up their Pokéballs and their arteries at the same time.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a Happy Meal (perhaps, for instance, your parents gave you actual food to eat), the cheerful fast food meals offer free gifts designed to attract young children towards things they know they should leave well alone, much in the manner of that moustachioed man in a long trench coat outside the primary school.

Rather than Pokémon cards, back in my day Happy Meals used to include plasticky junk that I absent-mindedly played around with before throwing in the bin (and the toys weren’t great either). Currently you’ll find animal-themed Top Trumps as the free gift at McDonald’s branches in the UK, so that you can learn a little more about the incredible richness and diversity of the animal kingdom, before eating a deep-fried morsel of it for lunch.

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So if you taste cardboard while eating your burger, check twice; it’s probably just the texture it’s supposed to be, but if you’re lucky then it might be a rare Pokémon card.



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