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Recombeers: OnePlus 9 Pro leaks, The Last of Us casting and continuing Dry January

Hello fellow Recombeerers (Recombeerisians?), we’re back with another episode of Recombu’s booze-infused chat show to lead you out of the cold working week and straight into the lovely weekend.

For this week’s episode, you have yours truly leading the procession and the ever-so-swish Max Parker, Recombu’s Deputy Editor, pitching in with his thoughts on the biggest stories of the week.

While Max gladly necks back a cheeky Goose Island IPA for the latest video, I’m still trying to keep the spirit of Dry January alive by sticking to the non-alcoholic fare. Maybe I’m starting to lose my recollection of what alcohol actually tastes like, but Heineken Zero – which I used to find a tad bland – is really starting to grow on me.

On to more pressing matters, the last seven days were huge in the world of mobiles, leading Max and I to waste no time before diving into the juiciest tidbits. After its Chinese launch, the super-specced Xiaomi Mi 11 has finally seen its global launch, and it is set to absolutely bring Samsung to task over what can be offered at a mid-range price.

As for something that’s still a ways off, the (presumably) finalised design of the OnePlus 9 Pro made its way to the internet, and the supposed collaboration between Hasselblad and OnePlus could mean that we’re all in for some much improved camera tech this time around.

Ever the entertainment buff however, I just couldn’t wait to talk about the announcement of the casting for HBO’s The Last of Us. The question over who should play Joel and Ellie has been the topic for much debate on the internet ever since the adaptation was announced, and if you want to know who’s been picked then you’ll have to watch our discussion (spoilers: they’re great).

In our Show and Tell segment, it’s a double wearable whammy with the Coros Pace 2 sharing the limelight with the Montblanc Summit Lite. These two devices couldn’t be more different with the features they offer, or with their intended audience, but that didn’t stop us from sizing them up.

As ever, we’d love to hear your feedback on either the show, what we’ve discussed or anything else in the world of tech and entertainment, so be sure to leave a comment and we may circle round to it in next week’s episode. If you haven’t already, it’s definitely worth subscribing to Recombu’s YouTube channel to avoid missing out on Recombeers, tech unboxings, comparison videos and more.


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