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Recombeers: The Disney Star line-up and dropping tech in the toilet

Who else is ready to kick-back and wave the working week goodbye? I know I am, and the best way to do so is always with the latest episode of Recombeers – so get ready to raise that glass!

Here at Recombeers, we pride ourselves on tackling the tough topics, like global political affairs and dropping tech straight into the toilet bowl. Leaving no stoned unturned this week, I was joined by Recombu’s bearded but beautiful Staff Writer, Peter Phelps.

As is now becoming Recombeers tradition for 2021, yours truly entered this week’s episode with another non-alcoholic beer, namely the bottled version of Heineken Zero (which for the record tastes a lot better than the canned version).

Peter on the other hand stepped in as the representative of seasoned drinkers everywhere by tapping into Clwb Tropica from Tiny Rebel – a tasty little IPA with a tropical twist (so I’ve heard at least).

If you’ve had your ear to the ground in the entertainment world then it’ll be no surprise that the big winner of the week is Disney Star. As the newly released adults-only section of Disney Plus, Star will finally give the streaming service a proper leg-up on the competition with staples like The X-Files, Family Guy, Lost and Grey’s Anatomy.

Aside from all the legacy content, Disney now has a means of investing in original content aimed at adults, which should have Netflix doing a double take over how its crown could’ve been challenged so quickly.

For the loser’s spot however, it could only be Facebook after the social media giant made a massive U-turn over its decision to remove news stories from its Australian platform. As we now know, Mark Zuckerberg was able to negotiate and water down the Australian bill concerning social media platforms paying news outlets for featuring their content, but Facebook was certainly the one to blink first in this stand-off.

For our Show and Tell segment, Peter was able to catch us up on his experience with testing the affordable Moto G10 and Moto G30 phones, while I run through my initial thoughts on the Honor Band ES. If you want to know exactly what we said, then you’ll have to tune into the episode.

If you get a kick out of this week’s episode (or even just Peter’s glorious beard) then be sure to comment and let your thoughts be known to the Recombu team – we might even give you a shout-out in next week’s episode. Until then, be sure to subscribe to Recombu’s YouTube channel and avoid missing out on our latest content as it appears.


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