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Recombeers: The TechSpurt returns for the Galaxy S21, your comments and shooting Nazis in their special place

Another week, another new episode of Recombeers! This time around Recombu’s Supreme Overlord Editor Alastair Stevenson has been re-joined by a classic Recombu alumnus, TechSpurt’s very own Chris Barraclough.

Sadly though, Alastair seems determined to get the name of the show changed by swapping out an ice cold brewski for… an actual brew. Luckily for you Recombeers fans, Chris brings the goods with not only a Camden Pale Ale to whet his appetite, but also a Sneak energy drink to really get things going. My condolences to Chris’ internal organs.


It should come as no big surprise that the main topic to dominate this week’s discussion is of course the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S21 range, alongside several other Samsung products. The jury’s still out on whether or not the Samsung Unpacked event was a success, but you can also read the six things you need to know about the Galaxy S21 if you need a catch-up.

By comparison however, Apple hit a homerun this week by announcing a new $100 million initiative for improving diversity amongst its ranks and opening up new avenues for inclusivity at the company. At this rate, we’ll take any good news to mop up the sour aftertaste of 2020, so kudos to Apple for injecting a bit of positivity into the week.

For this week’s Show and Tell segment, it’s a smartphone/smartwatch combo that’s sure to appeal to the price conscious buyer. Chris kicks things off with Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T (try saying that 500 times), a phone that offers 5G at an extremely affordable price, but could come with some setbacks in the final product.

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Alastair on the other hand shows off the rather stylish – albeit shameless Apple Watch clone – Oppo Watch LTE. Appealing directly to Android users who are envious of the Apple Watch, the Oppo Watch adapts the Wear OS experience for a device that embodies Apple’s now iconic square design. Who knows, maybe someone will actually mistake it for an Apple Watch (from a distance).

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