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Sackboy hacked: LittleBigPlanet servers are down

The servers for the popular platforming PlayStation game have been shut down following a “severe” hack that posted hateful messages online.

What could be more happy and carefree than spending time with Sackboy in a make-believe world of cosy fabrics, bright buttons, and snazzy stickers? Well, due to the actions of possibly just one individual hacker, Sony has been forced to pull its servers down to stop the community from seeing hateful messages.

In a tweet, the team behind the game explained the drastic decision:

Clearly it has not been taken lightly, and the hacking in question has apparently been an ongoing problem for several weeks, with some community content having been inaccessible since last month. Following its own investigation into the affair, Eurogamer has reported that community members are concerned by what they believe to be “a sustained DDOS campaign orchestrated by a particular individual unhappy with Sony’s treatment of the franchise.”

Some fans were quick to appreciate the depressing irony of such a harmless, wholesome game being the one targeted by the cyberattack:

But more than anything, players just want the game to be fixed so that they can once again share their charming yet challenging creations with each other.

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The platformer game series was first launched for the PS3 back in 2008, and the latest instalment in the adventure (entitled Sackboy: A Big Adventure) was released in November 2020, and is available for PS4 and PS5 as a Sony exclusive. It will come as sad news to many kids and adults alike that the colourful and crazy world of LittleBigPlanet will be out of bounds for an indeterminate amount of time.



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