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Sony’s new wireless speaker looks like a candle, and it’s lit

Sony has released a new wireless speaker that could be the centrepiece of your dining room table, as it is perfectly disguised as a flickering candle.

Picture the scene: it’s a romantic, candle-lit dinner for two, and just as you reach out to hold hands across the table, the candle itself starts singing. No, you’re not in Beauty and the Beast, you’ve just bought a Sony LSPX-S3 wireless speaker.

The gimmick of this new product is that it looks nothing like the boxy Bluetooth speakers of old, but instead it’s an unobtrusive candle that could discreetly sit on your dining table without giving away its true purpose.

Fortunately it doesn’t just look good, but promises excellent sound performance too. Far from being a burden, the glass column actually seems to be an asset to this speaker, as three actuators are attached to one end, vibrating the whole glass tweet and spreading sound in every direction, while the structure also allows for particularly clear and powerful high tones. There’s a 46mm speaker unit which is well-suited to mid-range frequencies, and you can connect two units together for a stereo sound experience.

Beyond its role as a speaker, you can also set a sleep timer to control its light output as you prepare to get forty winks, and it houses a built-in microphone so you can even take calls via the device. When it comes to using the lighting, Sony clarifies that it is “not suitable for household room illumination purposes”, but it nonetheless boasts four different lighting modes and thirty-two brightness levels which can be controlled via a touch sensor.

Sony is also keen to publicise the product’s environmental credentials, noting that less than 10% of the constituent parts are made from plastic, which apparently reflects the brands’ “commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its product and practices”.

The Sony LSPX-S3 will be available to buy from August, and will cost approximately €350 (£300).




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