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Soulja Boy is going to release his own video game console. Again.

The rapper behind Crank That is going to bring out his own console – and it’s not even the first time he’s pulled this stunt.

Soulja Boy is best-known for having been a one-hit wonder in the music world, the hit in question being 2007’s Crank That (Soulja Boy). But now the US rapper could be on the way to being a two-flop blunderer in the realm of video games, having just announced his second attempt to produce his own-brand game console.

The first attempt arrived back in 2018, when the SouljaGame made its debut and was quickly discovered to just be an existing emulator of Nintendo handheld games systems with Soulja Boy stickers plastered on. The Japanese entertainment giant threatened legal action and the imitations were taken off sale.

Now he’s attempting a relaunch and, as per the tweet above, the console will apparently have an original design and original games. This was followed up by a post on a new Instagram page, which gave us a first look at the console.


Image Credit: SouljaGame / Instagram

The controller looks very similar to that of a PS3, while the console design itself is slightly reminiscent of the Xbox One S. While the proof of its potential can only lie in its performance, let’s just say we’re slightly sceptical that it can go toe-to-toe with the likes of the PS5 or even the Nintendo Switch.

As an artist who has a nine-part “Controversy” section on his Wikipedia page, we doubt that SouljaBoy is particularly averse to provoking reactions, positive or negative.

Since his debut single topped the US charts for seven weeks, the rapper’s career has taken a few unpredictable turns. Other ventures include a cartoon series based on his life named Soulja Boy: The Animated Series (which lasted just one episode), and the launch of a cryptocurrency named Crank That.






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