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The new Nintendo Switch Lite colour is tearing the internet apart

Nintendo has announced a brand new colour scheme for its popular portable: Blue. But here’s the thing… is it really blue?

We’ve been here before. Was that dress blue and black, or was it white and gold? (Obviously it was blue and black). However this time round, the colour controversy centres around one of Nintendo’s much-loved consoles.

It all started when the Japanese entertainment brand announced that a blue edition of the Nintendo Switch Lite will be released on May 21, retailing at $199.99. So far, so good.

But then, the image accompanying the news release looked like this:

Nintendo Switch Lite blue

Immediately, the Internet split into two camps: those gullible crowds who believed that the above image really was blue, and those enlightened few who used the power of sight to determine that no, it’s actually purple. (As evidenced, Recombu will remain studiously neutral throughout this debate).

Colin, encapsulating the intellectual adventurousness of “blue believers”, gave his concise opinion:

Forming the impassioned yin to Colin’s imperturbable yang, Twitch streamer GamesCage seemed close to the point of breakdown as he realised that the colour simply wasn’t what Nintendo has promised:

Whereas for some nostalgic Nintendo fans, it just reminded them of a different console altogether, from a simpler time; the beloved GameCube:

So now it’s your turn to answer the question that’s tearing the internet apart: is the new Nintendo Switch Lite blue or purple? Join in and let us know what you think in the poll below, for Recombu readers’ definitive verdict:



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