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The new Tesla Model S interior proves it’s what’s inside that counts

The Tesla Model S has received its first major redesign, and while the specs are impressive, it’s the interior that has really caught our eye.

Tesla is a brand that often finds itself in the headlines, whether that’s due to its cars’ performance, its sales figures, or – most likely – the flamboyant behaviour of its billionaire boss Elon Musk. But this time the thing that’s caught our attention is the interior of its revamped Model S electric car.

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Between the driver and the front passenger, the portrait touchscreen has been replaced by a larger widescreen version with far slimmer bezels, while the driver has a commanding U-shaped steering wheel.

It’s here that the real fun comes out to play; there’s a screen in between the front two seats that can, thanks to 10-teraflop power of the onboard entertainment system, offer video games such as The Witcher to passengers while they’re on-the-go, fulfilling the below tweet posted by Elon Musk almost exactly one year ago.

Of course it’s not just the interior which counts, even if that is the part that makes us most jealous, so it’s good news that the specs have received a healthy boost as well. The new Plaid+ version of the Model S which is at the top of the line and offers a maximum speed of 200 mph, can go from 0-60mph in under 2 seconds and has a range of 520 miles.

Elon Musk will no doubt be hoping that the updated Model S will continue the success of its forerunner, which was the most-registered car in the UK for the month of December 2020.

The entrepreneur, now considered to be the world’s richest man, may have other things on his mind right now though; namely joining the Reddit effort to inflict losses on the hedge fund Melvin Captial, which attempted to short stock in GameStop.





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