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This guy left his Nintendo Switch OLED on for 1,800 hours straight to check the burn-in problem

If you’re concerned that your Nintendo Switch OLED may have some screen durability issues, then you should check out this guy’s experiment.

While Nintendo’s latest iteration of the Switch console has thrilled legions of gamers, some have been left with a lingering and bothersome concern; whether or not the new screen tech would be liable to “burn-in”.

If you’re not familiar with this phenomenon, it occurs to OLED screens which have displayed static images for such a long time that pixels are unable to change back to their natural state.

In an attempt to test whether or not the Nintendo Switch OLED would be vulnerable to such a problem, WULFF DEN put the theory to the test (as you can see in the video above) by leaving a static image up on the screen of his device for 1,800 hours straight. In case you’re not a maths whizz, that’s 75 days — two and a half months — of the same exact image occupying the display without moving.

So what was his verdict? Well, apparently it’s time to breathe easy if you’ve recently purchased the console; the YouTuber said, “OLED burn-in should not be a concern to you. Like, at all.”

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It’s certainly reassuring to see that the console is not liable to have its key feature spoiled by regular use, at least according to this one case study, especially as OLED technology has brought such benefits to the Switch.

In our review, we heaped praise upon the “contrast and colour accuracy” of the display, and argued that it delivered “a far more immersive experience when you’re on the go.” It’s certainly an upgrade on the original console, and with the results of this experiment having been revealed, you can now play it with more peace of mind.