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Upcoming movie Paradise City will finally reunite two Pulp Fiction stars

It’s been a long time, but two stars of Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece will share the screen together again in a Hawaii-set thriller.

Bruce Willis and John Travolta have both been cast in a new film, Paradise City, that will see their first on-screen reunion since their star turns in Pulp Fiction (1994) as Butch the boxer and hitman Vincent Vega respectively.

According to Deadline, the new thriller directed by Chuck Russell will see Willis as a bounty hunter named Ryan Swan who is hunting through the Hawaiian underworld in order to get his revenge on Travolta’s character, who murdered his father. Bearing that in mind, it’s possible that the story will end in a similar way as to the last time the two actors crossed paths:

Since that fateful meeting, the stars have had somewhat chequered careers. Travolta has had critical success with The Thin Red Line and The People vs OJ Simpson, and commercial hits with Face/Off and Hairspray; but even these have hardly atoned for miserable misses such as Battlefield Earth and Gotti, both often cited as among the worst films ever made.

Meanwhile, Willis has mostly stuck to his hardened tough guy shtick, as evidenced by the likes of The Expendables, Sin City, and the Die Hard sequels. Fortunately for us, he also took a break from those products to film this bizarre commercial for Daihatsu:


If he gets dressed up in a costume even half as ridiculous as that in the new film, then that alone would justify the price of admission.

Praya Lundberg, a Thai actor and model, has also been cast in Paradise City, which goes into production on May 17. There’s no word yet on the music choices, but come on now; if Guns N’ Roses aren’t on the soundtrack then it’s practically false advertising.




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