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What the Tech: Your fitness tracker can be your new best friend in this new year

Don’t forget about your fitness tracker this year, because it’s the perfect way to stick to those ambitious new year’s resolutions you’ve made.

New year, new you? Well maybe, if you really can stick to those lofty fitness goals that are written rather dauntingly in your best handwriting on the first page of the new calendar.

Fortunately there’s plenty of technology here to help you on your way, and there really is nothing better than a handy fitness tracker to keep you on the straight and narrow path through the course of this year, whether you want to lose weight, pare down your running times a little more, or just get up and on your feet a bit more often during the day.

I find that there’s little more encouraging than being able to log each time you go for some exercise and pore over your stats later; casting your eye over performance metrics, you can see exactly how you’ve performed, whether it’s your first run for months and you’re shaking away the cobwebs, or if you’re taking on a half marathon distance for the first time and are working up to the big day. Once you’ve been using your new tech for a few weeks, you’ll be able to visualise the progress that you’ve made, and the experience becomes even more rewarding as you see progress unfold in front of your eyes.

Of course even with the very best tech as your companion, it can still be easy to fall out of good habits that you’ve adopted for the new year. Some proactive devices like the Apple Watch Series 6 are very good at sending motivational prompts, but I also find that adding your scores to Strava or similar social media can be a huge help, as you receive virtual encouragement from your fitness friends that keeps up your enthusiasm even when you’ve been out hitting the trail all on your own.

Maintaining or improving your fitness is never an easy task, but it is a laudable goal that’s ideal for helping you focus on the challenges of a new year. There’s no simple solution, and that’s what makes it a worthwhile resolution — but I find that wearable tech helps me with every step along the way.