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What’s your favourite PS5 UI feature? Let us know your thoughts on Sony’s next-gen experience

Sony recently showed off the UI of the PS5 ahead of the big release next month and, while it may not sound all that exciting, it showcased some stonkingly good new features.

If you aren’t nerdy enough to simply get all hot under the collar when hearing “next-gen user interface” then let me explain. What the recent PlayStation video revealed was really an insight into a whole bunch of handy new features on the console, and that’s what’s worth getting all hyped up about.

If you want to watch the video before we give you the lowdown on all the key moments then watch it with us right here:

Let’s get with everything you need to know about these key new PS5 UI features and make sure to vote for your favourite at the bottom of this page (you can even tell us if you think it’s garbage).

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In-game guides

This feature was touted way back at the launch of Google Stadia, as a way of watching game guides on YouTube without having to leave your game. PlayStation has now revealed its similar take.

Within the PS menu, you’ll be able to get video guides on completing those tricky trophies. The catch is it’s only available to PS Plus members and its inclusion is up to developers (who are likely pretty busy already).

“Remaining time”

Need to get to bed but have to finish that last level? Or, are you attempting to get that one bit done before heading off to work? PS5 UI can now provide you with an estimated remaining time for your current objective.

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Spoiler warnings

If you’re a fan of watching video coverage of games then you’ll have likely stumbled upon the odd spoiler by accident – PS5 UI aims to prevent it.

If you attempt to watch clips or view screenshots shared with you on PS5, the console will detect if you’ve reached that point in the game and slap on a spoiler warning if you aren’t quite there yet.

Checking trophies

Along with improved loading speeds, the next two should have with some massive time sucks on PS4.

Even on PS4 Pro, just viewing your trophies felt like it could take an age, especially when you had to leave your game to get there. Now, you can simply view your trophies by pressing the PS button.

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Integrated PS Store

Like checking trophies, venturing into the PS Store feels like a massive chore in the current generation. Thankfully, PlayStation now has the PS Store directly integrated into the UI, rather than having a plodding standalone app. The change will hopefully make for a speedier and more seamless experience.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing was a feature on PS4 but it was just pretty slow that you’d have to really have a desire to do it. Now, PS5 has the feature integrated within Party Chat, letting you quickly share your screen with mates.

PS5 also lets you keep a shared game feed open while playing your own game, meaning you can keep an eye on your friend’s progress while cracking on with your own play.



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