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Xiaomi announces Smart Glasses that can replicate a phone screen before your eyes

If you’ve wanted to see your smartphone screen without even getting the device out of your pocket, then take heart from this new concept from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has announced a new pair of glasses that don’t just take pictures like Facebook’s Ray-Ban shades, but actually can show a smartphone-like display before your very eyes, allowing you to interact with apps without having to get your phone out of your pocket. Just take a look at the showcase video below:

Arguing that “smartphones may become a thing of the past” with “every smartphone function integrated into what you wear” instead, the video shows the glasses in action.

The glasses offer a 0.13-inch Micro LED display, which is projected as a much larger image thanks to diffusion of the lenses. You can view notifications such as incoming messages and phonecalls, and perhaps most usefully you can also use the specs on the go while you are trying to navigate your wat to a destination. A menu before your eyes is even translated in real time, overlaid over the paper in your hands. The built-in 5-megapixel cameras also allow to take pictures via gesture controls.

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However, for now these Xiaomi Smart Glasses just remain a concept, with no forthcoming plans to bring them onto the market. But nonetheless, over five years since Google Glass was withdrawn, it definitely seems like manufacturers are once again looking to translate smart tech onto our eyewear for a hardware-light approach. The years to come will undoubtedly see more and more experimentation in this field.


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