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3D Touch Apps – The Best Apple iPhone Apps That Use 3D Touch

We round up the best 3D Touch apps for the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus, which put Apple’s pressure-sensitive 3D Touch screen to good use.

3D Touch first emerged near the end of 2015, when Apple launched the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Since then we’ve seen a decent selection of apps that make full use of the iPhone’s 3D Touch screen, although it’s still rather slim pickings when it comes to genuinely useful 3D Touch features.

Best 3D Touch Apps: What is 3D Touch?

Since the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus back in September 2015, Apple’s iPhones have come packing a pressure-sensitive display. This dual-layer ‘3D Touch’ screen can detect exactly how hard you’re pushing on it, which gives users an extra level of control. Standard pokes and prods register as normal, but now you can push hard on an app to bring up a handy shortcuts menu or widget instead of simply opening it.

Check out our complete guide to 3D Touch for more info, including how it works, how to tweak the settings on your iPhone and more. Here’s our pick of the best 3D Touch apps, which make full use of that pressure-sensitive iPhone screen.

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Best 3D Touch Apps: Apple Maps

Apple’s own Maps app supports 3D Touch, so you can press the app hard to send someone your current location or mark it on a map. You’ll also see a handy widget which shows you where you need to be for your next appointment, for instance.

In the US, the Transit app also makes great use of 3D Touch. In this case you’ll discover what public transport services are due in your immediate vicinity, and have the option to quickly beg for a hassle-free route home.

Best 3D Touch Apps: Apple Music

3D Touch Apple’s Music app and you’ll see the cover art from your favourite albums flash up. Just tap one to jump straight into that album. You also have a shortcut to Beats 1, if you actually bother to subscribe.

Best 3D Touch Apps: Apple News

If you grab your headlines from Apple’s own News app, then the 3D Touch functionality might be of interest. Rather than tapping into the app, give it a sharp poke and you’ll see the biggest news headline at the time. Another tap gives you the full story.

Best 3D Touch Apps: Apple Weather

Quite a simple one this, but Apple’s Weather app pops up a nifty little widget when you push it hard. This gives you a quick and simple overview of the conditions outside wherever you are, including the temperature and chance of rain. We’d have preferred a glimpse of the forecast for the rest of the day, but beggars, choosers, etc.

Best 3D Touch Apps: Google Docs/Sheets

Give Google Docs a sharp prod on your 3D Touch compatible iPhone and you’ll see a list of your most recent documents spring up, for instant access. You can also jump straight into a new document, using one of Google’s templates if needed.

Best 3D Touch Apps: Netflix

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, the good news – besides the movie service finally offering offline viewing – is that the iPhone app is 3D Touch sensitive. Give the Netflix app and sturdy poke and you can jump straight into your list, check out what’s trending and immediately resume viewing of your most recent choice.

Amazon Prime Video offers similar 3D Touch compatibility, including the ability to check out your downloaded content. Here’s hoping Netflix gets that functionality soon too.

Best 3D Touch Apps: Facebook

If you’re constantly taking shots of your glamorous lifestyle to make your mates super jelly on Facebook, then good news. You can now 3D Touch the Facebook app and immediately upload a shot or a video to your page.

Facebook Messenger also now supports 3D Touch, so you can quickly get in touch with your favourite contacts or smash out a new message on demand. 

Best 3D Touch Apps: TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor’s 3D Touch functionality is rather basic, but you can perform a ‘Near Me Now’ search which brings up a handy list of all restaurants and attractions in your immediate vicinity. Pretty useful if you’re in unfamiliar territory.

Best 3D Touch Apps: OpenTable

This restaurant reservations app has a handy 3D Touch sub-menu which displays your next upcoming dinner date. You can also search for reservations close to your current location and book up your favourite food joints, with minimal fuss.

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