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A Crayon for your iPad: stylus with a twist

We’ve see the Wacom iPad Stylus and the HTC Flyer with its pen, but accessory manufacturer Griffin has teamed up with Crayola to produce the Crayola ColourStudio HD, an iPad drawing application, with the most technically advanced crayon you’ve seen.

The set comprises of iPad drawing app Crayola ColourStudio HD and the accompanying digital stylus called iMarker. Use the stylus to colour in ‘live’ pages that move and react to the stylus, with the emphasis on interactivity.

There are more than 50 game and activity pages, with environments including: jungle, undersea (where fish swim and doors open) and playtime activities. Each has sound effects, animations and music.
Warren Schorr from Crayola says: ‘Imagine a colouring book that morphs and changes as kids digitally colour it in. The application is taking a classic play pattern and bringing it totally out of the box.’
Instead of having to swap between modes, the app can differentiate between taps from the battery-powered iMarker and a finger swipe.

Elsewhere you can design animated colouring book pages for use within the app and iOS 4.2 users can print their creations and colour them in using more traditional Crayola Crayons. Alternatively creations can be emailed or posted to Facebook.

We love the look of the Crayola ColorStudio HD, yes, it might be designed for children, but it sounds like something that big as well as small children will have hours of fun with and is an example of another innovative accessory for the iPad.

Crayola ColorStudio HD including the Crayola iMarker digital stylus is out next month for £19.99, including a free download of the app and free updates. Find out more from Griffin.


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