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A-ha! Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters hits back of the App Store net

After the apparent demise of the non-official Pocket Alan and iPartridge apps, it was all looking a little quiet on the Partridge front. Thank crikey then for Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters, which fills the Alan-shaped hole that’s been missing in our lives for too long.

Launched last week, the app is still riding high in the App Store paid chart. It’s based on the recent Partridge webisodes, rather than the more famous TV series but is still worth a look for fans and casual Alanites alike.

For your 69p you get a comprehensive soundboard of funny bits from the web show including all of the radio jingles, plus the option to assign files as ringtones.

Links to YouTube video of the web-based episodes are also included, so if you’ve never seen Mid Morning Matters before its a good chance to get acquainted.

So while you won’t get “Would you like to smell my cheese?” and the legendary “Conetract” exchange, you do get more recent gems such as “Have you ever seen a child the size of an ox?” and “Simon Le Bon. Which is actually French for ‘Simon the Good’,” all delivered in the typical Partridge timbre.

Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters is priced at 69p in the App Store, which is probably less than a chicken and mushroom pie from the local petrol station costs.


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