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Acer Liquid Jade Z hands-on review at MWC 2015

Could Acer have produced a Moto G killer with the Liquid Jade Z? We reckon so. Here’s our full hands-on review live from MWC 2015.

Every mid-range phone these days has to measure up against the Motorola Moto G, with its sharp 720p screen, capable 8-megapixel camera, friendly Android interface and respectable battery life. Most fall short, but Acer’s Liquid Jade Z is an impressively specced handset that could very well best Motorola’s mid-range overlord.

The Liquid Jade Z is a satisfyingly slim at 7.9mm (although it actually feels thinner than that) and impressively light handset, at just 120g. It’s easy to operate with just a single mitt, which is great news if you like to multi-task by checking emails as you down coffee/bake a cake/whatever.

Matching the Moto G is a clean and clear 5-inch 720p screen, which seems to be just as colourful and bright enough to cut through the demo booth glare. Zipping around the Android 4.4 KitKat interface is a joy, and smooth thanks to the 64-bit processor packed inside the Jade Z.

However, while we’re still waiting for the 4G model of the new Moto G to hit the UK, Acer has triumphed by packing full LTE support into the Jade Z. That means you can browse the web at top speeds or stream video without that irritating bufering sign popping up every few seconds.

And Acer has more than matched the Moto G’s 8-megapixel camera with the Jade Z’s 13-megapixel effort. The shutter latches onto your subject quickly and cleanly and takes sharp, detailed shots almost as soon as you hit the shutter button.

The camera interface is packed with all kinds of modes and settings, including HDR, panorama, gourmet (good for shooting your food, apparently, if you still do that) and a bunch of filters and other effects. Don’t worry about diving into the menus every time you want to pull up your favourite settings, however – the Favourite Mode shutter button, found beneath the regular shutter button, automatically uses a pre-set mode. Which is handy if you often use HDR for cleaner, brighter snaps, for instance.

And you also get a sharp 5-megapixel front-facer, complete with beauty mode naturally, for selfie shots or video chats.

We’re already impressed by the Acer Liquid Jade Z, which should hit the UK this month priced between £130 and £160 – full review incoming.


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