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Adam Wolfe (iOS) game review: Supernatural shenanigans in this horror adventure

We review Adam Wolfe for iPhone and iPad, a new supernatural adventure game in four episodes that sees you tracking down your missing sister and battling all manner of demonic antagonists.

Fans of mature mobile adventure games will get a kick out of Adam Wolfe, a new detective mystery title available right now for iOS devices on the App Store.

At the beggining of episode one, the titular Mr Wolfe finds himself tracking down a murderous arsonist who’s running rampant in San Francisco. After cornering the suspect in an alleyway, you soon realise that this isn’t any old nutjob with a can of petrol and a box of matches. Rather, it’s some kind of demonic being with a nasty habit of burning down everything it touches.

Just when it seems like you’ve despatched your fiery foe, the storay takes an interesting twist. Soon after you find yourself pulled into a twisted tale featuring a strange and sinister group. Even more mysterious is their apparent connection to your long-lost sister, who still haunts you every night in your dreams.

And so begins the four-episode tale of Adam Wolfe (of which three episodes are currently available). Each episode is gorgeously presented with striking visuals, and sees you advancing through the story by exploring various grim or exotic environments and solving puzzles.

Adam Wolfe’s difficulty level is a notch up from casual, but shouldn’t prove much of a challenge for point and click adventure veterans. But even if it’s not the most challenging of titles, comparable to most hidden object mobile games, this is still a highly entertaining game.

Each episode takes two to three hours to complete and features a variety of puzzles, the most intriguing of which see you glimpsing back through time. By working out what’s different and recreating past scenes, you can uncover information that is crucial to proceed with your investigation.

Adam Wolfe also features some brief action segments, which usually have you battling some super-powered foe. Don’t worry if action isn’t your bag, though, because they’re pretty simple and usually involve a bit of thinking instead of basic reactions or mashing an on-screen button.

You can download the Adam Wolfe game from Apple’s App Store right now, and a demo of part of episode one is available to check out.


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