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Amazon’s kiddie tablet packs impressive value and parent-friendly features

The Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition is the retail giant’s first kiddie tablet, but while the price tag is suitably small, this 6-inch tablet offers decent specs, a reassuringly lengthy guarantee and free access to Amazon’s new ‘Fire for Kids Unlimited’ service.

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition: Specs

The Kids Edition of the Fire HD tablet is compact enough for smaler hands to clutch, with a 6-inch screen and an easy-grip chunky frame. The tablet weighs just 360g so it hopefully won’t tire out little arms during extended sessions, while the ‘kid-proof case’ should survive some serious punishment, including the inevitable rage attacks when little Johnny loses repeatedly on Angry Birds.

The tablet comes packing a quad-core processor (we’re chasing up which model), plus 8 or 16GB of storage for your wee cherub’s favourite movies and music. And since they almost certianly watch Frozen on repeat, that should be more than enough.

The Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition also sports a VGA front-facing camera so your kid can jump on the selfie bandwagon early, plus a basic 2-megapixel rear camera for them to shoot a hundred fuzzy photos of that dead squirrel in the back garden.

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition: Bonus features and parental controls

The Fire HD Kids Edition may be a rugged tablet, but Amazon has you covered with a two-year guarantee all the same, which should give parents a bit more peace of mind.

And concerned parents also have total control over their sprogs’ usage, with full content controls. So you can prevent wee Mary from accidentally logging into Bukake World, or even set a time limit on the apps and games they enjoy. There’s also a block for any kind of payments without your express permission, to prevent any nasty shocks concerning bailifs.

Or if you don’t mind your kids playing Cut The Rope all night, providing they’ve spent some time reading and indulging in less brain-rotting activities, there’s a way to set that up too.

Finally, you also get a free year’s subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited, Amazon’s new online service for sprogs. This gives them access to thousands of books, TV shows, apps and games which they can enjoy to their heart’s content – just bear in mind that you’ll inevitably have to pay to extend the subscription when the 12 months are up, to avoid tantrums.

In all, the Fire HD Kids Edition seems to easily rival the Tesco Hudl 2 for family-friendly features, which is great news for parents as they now have two affordable kiddie tablets to choose from.

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition: UK price and release date

The Fire HD Kids Edition is available to pre-order right now on Amazon, costing £119 for the 8GB model or £139 for the 16GB model. The tablet will be released on June 18th.


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