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Amazon launches new Kindle Voyage and Fire tablets

Amazon has launched its brand new Kindle Voyage eReader, plus new Fire HD and HDX tablets, due to hit the UK before Christmas. Here’s the full skinny on what’s new, inlcuding a high-def tablet for just £79.

Amazon Kindle Voyage

The Kindle Voyage is an upgrade over Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite, rocking a fresh new lightweight design. It’s slimmed down to 7.6mm and 180g, while the anti-glare glass front gives the Voyage a tablet-like appearance. Good news if you’re always dropping your devices too, as that glass is apparently scratch-resistant.

The updated 6-inch screen packs in 300 pixels-per-inch, so should produce ridiculously sharp text – or as Amazon puts it, ‘laser-quality images’. As good as a laser burning the images directly into your retinas? We’ll know for sure when we review the thing.

Amazon launches new Kindle Voyage ereader plus all new Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets

Amazon has boosted the screen brightness too, while a new light sensor can automatically adjust the brightness to save battery.

You also get free 3G so you can download new books (almost) wherever you roam, without having to hunt down ropey Wi-Fi networks. And a single charge of the battery will apparently last you ‘weeks’, so you’re good for your fortnight dossing around in Mallorca.

You can pick up the Amazon Kindle Voyage from November 4th here in the UK. The eReared cost £169 and you can pre-order it from today.

Amazon All-New Fire HDX 8.9

Amazon’s Fire HDX tablet offers up beautifully sharp and vibrant visuals, perfect if you’re after a portable media machine, and the All-New Fire HDX updates the specs so they’re in line with rivals like the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet.

Amazon launches new Kindle Voyage ereader plus all new Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets

So you now get a 2.5GHz quad-core processor backed up by 2GB of RAM, although not much else has changed specs-wise. The 8.9-inch screen still packs a 2560×1600 resolution, giving 339ppi, and the rear camera is still an 8-megapixel effort.

The All-New Fire HDX 8.9 weighs just 375g, making it even lighter than the iPad Air, and you can pick it up in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions. There’s also an option to add 4G support on the 32GB or 64GB models.

You can pre-order that bad boy right now, with the tablet shipping on November 4th here in the UK, but those premium specs come at a premium price. The 16GB model costs £329, rising to £409 for the 64GB version.

Amazon All-New Fire HD

Amazon’s super-colourful new Fire HD tablet is a more budget-conscious device, with pared-down specs compared with the mighty Amazon Fire HDX. However, just £79 will still snag you a quad-core tablet with an HD display, a serious bargain that’s even more affordable than Tesco’s mega-cheap Hudl.

Amazon launches new Kindle Voyage ereader plus all new Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets

The new Fire HDs come in 6-inch and 7-inch sizes, with a choice of five colours. Both the HD 6 and the HD 7 rock a 1280×800 resolution screen, 2-megapixel rear camera and a quad-core processor ‘up to 1.5GHz’.

At just over 10mm thickness and starting at 290g, they’re light and thin enough to pack into even a dinky bag. Let’s face it, that 6-inch model is already being dwarfed by some phones, such as Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra monstrosity.

You can grab the Fire HD 6 from Amazon for £79 for the 8GB model, or £99 for the 16GB version, from October 2nd. The Fire HD 7 costs £119 or £139.


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