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Amazon mulling ebook library for Kindle and its tablets? Spotify for bookworms

While Amazon has yet to officially announce its two long-rumoured tablet devices, we’re hearing word of an ebook library service being mooted, which could give the tabs a big selling point.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon’s digitial media library proposal would see punters paying an annual subscription fee for unlimited access to a vast wealth of content. This sounds like a Spotify-style approach to us, one that could sit well with Amazon’s existing ebook service.

It’s not clear yet if the service would be available for existing Kindle devices, the two slates, rumoured to run on Android and so far codenamed ‘Coyote’ (a 7-inch tablet) and ‘Hollywood’ (a 10-inch quad-core device), or both.

The deal however is still in the talking stages and the first tablet is rumoured to be out next month. Reuters mentions “several unnamed publishing executives” not being too enthusiastic about the idea, as it could lower the value of books as products.

So the chances of the service being available by the time of the first tablet’s ETA or even Christmas 2011 is as slim as Santa isn’t.

We’re reaching out to Amazon for a statement on this and will update once we hear back.


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