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Android continues to grow: Smartphones dominate as customers upgrade from feature phones

The latest research has revealed that UK smartphone sales continues to grow as customers upgrade from cheaper feature phones to the likes of the iPhone and Android phones.

74.3% of new sales of Android handsets were from these, with only 1.4% of sales poaching iPhone users.

Presumably due to users buying apps and the like on iPhone devices, it makes them less willing to ditch a phone system they’ve ‘invested’ in. Global Consumer Insight Director, Dominic Sunnebo said: “We are yet to see any real signs of consumers switching between Android and Apple. Our data shows that Apple and Android’s customers are intensely loyal when choosing their upgrade.

“One reason for this is the investment consumers make in their device through apps. This investment is then lost if they want to choose a different OS as the apps are non-transferable.”

Android’s market share continues to lead, with the last 12-week sales figures showing the Google phone system is top in eight six countries, now beating Nokia’s Symbian in Spain.

As people have ‘traded up’ to phones, it seems they’ve been more strongly attracted to Android devices, now holding 18.3% of the market in comparison with 30.6% for the same period last year. Perhaps not a shock as several Android phones are not that more expensive than feature phones. The research also shows that the iPhone 4 remains the best-selling smartphone over the last 12 months.

BlackBerry also holds onto its teenage fans, with 35.6% of customers aged 16-24.  Sunnebo adds: “With 63% of British consumers still owning a non-smartphone, future growth lays with upgrading customers. BlackBerry is currently attracting the most upgrading shoppers with 84.9% of its new customers previously owning a non-smartphone. Our data shows that most first-time smartphone owners look for lower prices. BlackBerry’s competitive pricing allows younger consumers to switch to a smartphone device at a price they can afford.

“With more and more consumers buying smartphones, the future for middle-to-high-end smartphones is set to become ever more competitive.”


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