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Android M boasts better battery life and security

Android M offers some nifty power saving features over previous versions, plus a number of features that any developer can tap into for their own apps, including greater security through fingerprint scanners.

Google’s Android M session in the I/O conference touched on a few new features opened up to developers, which you can expect to start creeping into apps that you download from Google Play, as well as some slick new power-saving features.

We already knew that Google would concentrate on power saving abilities with Android M, and this was confirmed early on in the talk. You can now expect your Android phone’s battery to drain slower when in hibernation, with untouched devices becoming completely inactive. The phone’s accelerometer is used to determine if a phone is active or not, with background tasks kicking back into life when motion is detected.

App Standby is another new power-saving feature that singles out any apps that you’ve installed but not used in a while. App Standby will then deny those apps network access and prevent them from eating up your battery life and data usage.

Developers now also have full access to an Android phone or tablet’s fingerprint scanner. An app can now ask you to scan your digit at any time for increased security, great news if an app saves sensitive data like credit card info.

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